I'm New

Your First Visit 

We are always thrilled to have visitors in our services, and we would be glad to have you attend. You will find a warm welcome at the Westside Baptist Church. We have endeavored to answer some general questions below but if you have any further questions, please call our church office at 706-673-6393.

What Times Are the Services Held?
     Sunday School 10 am
     Morning Worship 11 am
     Evening Worship 6 pm
     Wednesday Prayer Meeting and Youth 7 pm

Where Should I Park?
You may park anywhere you would like.

What Should I Wear?
     You will see many men in suits and ties and many of our ladies in skirts or dresses. However, we do not have a dress code for our services. Come dressed how you feel is appropriate for church.

Where Do My Kids Go?
     On Sundays, you will be met at the door by greeters who can direct you to the appropriate classes. Our Sunday School and nursery cover children and teenagers of all ages. Our classes are taught by excellent teachers and are ready to welcome new students each week. During the Morning Worship service, nursery is provided for children up to the age of 5 years. On Wednesday evening, we have bible club for young people of all age groups.