Leadership & Staff

Brother Rick was born in Hinton, WVA but grew up in Joppa, MD.  He was saved as an eighteen-year-old young man as a direct result of the bus ministry of the Emmorton Baptist Church in Bel Air, MD under the pastorate of the Rev. Lester Turner.  In 1977 he surrendered to serve the LORD and enrolled in Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, TN to prepare for what GOD would have him do…. preach the Word!

After graduating in 1982, Brother Rick met and married his wife of thirty-five years, Regina.  The Edwards' have 3 daughters, all of which are married.  They make there home in Ringgold, GA and have faithfully served the Westside Baptist Church for thirteen years.



Kevin Landon, Deacon
5/17/2019 2:29:55 PM
Chase Sheram, Deacon
5/17/2019 2:30:12 PM
John McGee, Assistant to Pastor, Music Director
5/17/2019 2:30:30 PM
Steve McBrayer , Deacon
5/17/2019 2:30:47 PM
Phyllis Owen, Church Secretary
5/17/2019 2:31:02 PM
Todd Pangle, Assistant to Pastor Young Couples
5/17/2019 2:31:26 PM